Amber P.

Professional Groomer
Amber joined our team in November 2022. Her favorite part of her job is, “seeing so many unique qualities in every dog I meet”. She has many animals that she loves very much. Her energetic dogs Mocha & Kyah, a gentleman cat named Ozzy, and Freckles is a Dalmation morph crested gecko. Her aquatic pets include 3 dwarf water frogs, a 55-gallon tank filled with convict cichlids and lastly Jerry her armored pleco. Her hobbies include admiring, caring for and learning about the animals so that she can be the best owner she can be. She loves nature and being creative which she incorporates into her homemade jewelry and other crafts.


Front Desk Clerk
Amelia joined our team as a Front Desk Clerk in April 2023. Amelia’s favorite part of the job is interacting with the clients and their dogs! Her pets at home include 3 cats named Satchmo, Lily & Neal and a 24-year-old Chinchilla named Bungee. Outside of work Amelia enjoys playing the guitar, photography and good food!

6 Years of Service

Angie – Team Expert

Kennel Technician & In Home Care Specialist
Angie joined our team as a Kennel Technician in October 2017. Angie’s favorite part of the job is coming here and pretending that all of these dogs are her own for the day. Her husband thinks one more dog in their household might be too much. Coming here all day and not being allowed to take any dogs home clearly works for her marriage. She has three dogs of her own, Jake, Sadie and Louie and one rescue cat named Joey. In her spare time, she loves reading, and bargain shopping. She keeps active with yoga, running, Pilates and Spinning.

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6 Years of Service

Autumn S. – Team Expert

All Purpose Agent
Autumn started here in November 2017, and is a daycare supervisor. Her favorite part of the job is getting to be with all the dogs and getting to bond with them. She has a Beagle / Boxer mix named Roxie and 2 cats named Samuel and Domino. During her free time she enjoys collecting pennies, playing video games and puzzle games.


Brandy P

Kennel Technician
Brandy joined our team in October 2022. Her favorite part of the job is working with happy dogs and people. She says, “I love coming to my job and having the sweetest pups to take care of everyday!” Brandy has a bit of a zoo at home; 2 cats named Oliver & Frank, 2 dogs named Putniss & Louie, 2 geckos named Honey & Ned and 2 rats named Tank & Toma. In her spare time, she likes to cook and go hammocking.

11 Years of Service

Brittany “LB” – Team Expert

All Purpose Agent
L.B. is a supervisor, and front desk receptionist. She has been here since April 2012. She enjoys meeting new dogs and spending time with them. She has two Pomeranians, Samson and Patch. Her hobbies spending time with dogs, especially Pomeranians, hanging out with friends and playing video games.


Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA
Bobbie joined out team, June 2023. She is the former President and Board Member of the All-Breed Training Club of Akron where she taught obedience classes. Bobbie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), and a certified CGC and STAR Puppy evaluator. She competes in agility, FASTCAT, and barn hunt with her Westie-mix, Tucker. Bobbie and her German Shepherd, Nadia, are certified through Therapy Dog International and visit Hudson Schools working with social workers, and intervention specialists. Her next goal is to have Nadia certified as a Crisis Response Canine. Bobbie has two other dogs, two cats, and one teenage son. She and her son are active in scouting and with the Hudson High School Swing Marching Band.

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Owner & Creator
Deanna is the owner and creator of All About Dogs. She opened the business in 2005, because she wanted a job where she could bring her boxer, Tana, to work. She enjoys meeting clients and their dogs. She and Tim have a dog named Gibbs McGee Schlubowski the 1st, a border collie/lab mix and Ziva, a Boston Terrier. Tana, the inspiration to All About Dogs, passed away at 14.5 years old in August of 2018. Deanna loves to cook, bike and spend time with her husband, Gibbs and Ziva.


Maintenance Technician
Don has been our maintenance technician since November 2018. His favorite part of the job is getting to see all the different types of dogs. Don has 4 dogs, Beagles Gus & Myles, a Border Collie mix named Sammy and an American Bulldog / Hound mix named Winter. When Don is not at All About Dogs, he enjoys playing guitar, spending time outdoors and painting.


Daycare & Kennel Technician
Donna joined our team in February 2022 as a daycare and kennel technician. Donna loves working with the dogs. She says everyday is a new adventure, and every day she gets to meet a new pup! She also says they all love you, every day no matter what is happening. Donna has 3 dogs a pitbull named Boogie, a black lab named Betty, and a bloodhound named Miss Mary Jane (aka Sweet Potato). In her downtime she loves to grow fresh cut flowers and vegetables. She has over 25 varieties of garlic! She also enjoys spending time with her son on his farm breeding flowers.

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Greta M.

Professional Groomer
Greta joined our team in September 2022 as a professional groomer. What she says about her job, “I love the fact that I get to work on such a variety of breeds that you don’t always see at other salons.” At home she has a cat named Peaches and a Dachshund named Buckeye. In her spare time, she enjoys movies, reading, crossword puzzles and gardening.

Gretchen B.

Kennel Technician
Greta joined our team in October 2022 as a kennel technician. What she says about her job, “Having the opportunity to spend so much one on one time with the dogs. I love to play, chat, and love on them.” She doesn’t have any pets at home but has niece and nephew cats named, Phoebe & Newkie. In her spare time, she loves to be creative which includes painting, drawing, and photography.

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8 Years of Service

Jessie E. – Team Expert

Assistant Operations Manager
Jessie started here in February 2015, as a kennel & daycare tech. In 2017 she became a kennel supervisor. Jessie most enjoys working with so many awesome dogs! She has two Chihuahuas named Candy and Zsa Zsa. In her free time, she tries to do as much volunteering with animal rescue and her local pound as possible. She also enjoys spending time with her grand babies, reading and watching movies.

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Kimmy W.

Groomer In Training
Kimmy joined our team in June 2021 as a daycare attendant and kennel technician. She has since moved into the grooming department as a bather. Her favorite part includes bathing dogs and working with the groomer, meeting new dogs and seeing old dog friends. Her large pet family includes a dog named Gus & 10 cats named Sophie, Gibson, Ibanez, Angel, Baby, Checkers, Seth, Morgan, Charlie & Polly. In her free time, she enjoys cuddling with her cats, taking her dog places and bike rides with her nephew.

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8 Years of Service

Laura B. – Team Expert

Taxi Driver & Training Department Supervisor
Laura joined our team as a Kennel Technician in September 2015, expanding her duties to Taxi Driver in September 2016. In Spring of 2017 she joined our dog training team and was promoted to the Training Department Supervisor in January 2023. Laura enjoys working and interacting with all of the different dogs. She has five dogs of her own, an Australian Shepherd, 2 Treeing Walker Coonhounds, a Bluetick Coonhound and a Mountain Cur. In her spare time, she loves training and competing with her dogs in UKC, AKC & ASCA events consisting mostly of agility, conformation and lure coursing. She also enjoys writing, photography, teaching her dog tricks and being outdoors.

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9 Years of Service

Marty A. – Team Expert

Taxi Expert
Marty has been a part of our team since April 2014. She has worked in both daycare and kennel but now her primary responsibility is as our Taxi Expert. She loves getting to spend time with all the different dogs. Marty has four dogs of her own; beagles named Gus and Myles, a mixed border collie named Sammy, and a hound named Winter. When Marty is not at All About Dogs, she enjoys gardening.

Megan S.

Professional Dog Trainer
Megan joined our training department in January 2023. Megan St Jean knew from a young age she wanted to work with animals. At sixteen she found her passion for dog training when she started raising guide dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Megan continues to expand her knowledge and is currently mentoring under Pet Harmony and working towards becoming a certified behavior consultant. She shares life with numerous foster dogs, her boyfriend, her two dogs, Red and Shelly, and her two cats, Willow and Bella.

5 Years of Service

Melinda K.

Kennel Technician & Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)
Melinda joined our team in February 2018. She works as a Kennel Technician and Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Her favorite part of the job is working with all my training clients especially my reactive clients Helping dogs have a second chance at a great life is very rewarding. Watching clients gain a stronger bond with their dogs through training is amazing to see. I love gaining lifelong friendships with all my amazing clients and using the knowledge I gained through my studies is amazing as well. She has 2 dogs a Dash a Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier mix and Shadow a Border Collie / Lab mix. Melinda is big into health and fitness.  She is big into running especially 1/2 marathons. I love to go on hikes with my dogs, camping, kayaking and basically anything outdoors. 


Professional Groomer
Mo joined our team, February 2023. She started pet sitting and grooming a variety of animals as a child and wishes she had followed her passion of working with animals full-time sooner. While grooming at both an animal shelter and at a corporate grooming salon in 2016 she began formal training and received certifications. Poodles, Bichons and Pitbulls are some of her favorite breeds. Other than making pets feel their best her favorite part of grooming is the moments of pure mutual trust she gets to have with them.

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13 Years of Service

Pamela G. – Team Expert

Wellness Administrator & Website Administrator
Pam wears many hats here at All About Dogs, including doing canine massage, reiki, training, website development, and staff continued education. She has been here since November 2009, and most enjoys helping our clients build a strong bond with their dogs based on trust. She has two dogs, Wendy, a beagle terrier mix and Kevin a Min Pin mix. Her hobbies include hiking with her dogs, reading books to learn more about dog behavior and training, pleasure reading (murder mysteries) and participating in scent work and a rally fitness class with her dogs.

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11 Years of Service

Renee T. – Team Expert

Operations Assistant
Renee is an operations assistant who has been here since October 2013. She loves to comfort the dogs during their time away from their owners by playing, bathing and spending time with them. Best of all she loves to give them lots of snuggles and sweet whispers. Her pet family includes 3 dogs named Koda Bear, Kitty & Emma along with 3 cats named Kiki, Mr. Pickles & Scooter Pants. Her enjoys spending time doing crafts with her 3 granddaughters and teaching them about caring for animals, raising Monarch Butterflies and nature in general. She also takes time to read and listen to music.

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Sally N.

Bather & Kennel Technician
Sally started working here in October 2022. Her favorite part of the job is “being part of a team that is composed of so many exceptional, compassionate, passionate and hard-working individuals who are all devoted to the happiness and well-being of the dogs in our care.” She has 3 cats named Bongo, Teddy & Domino, 2 bearded dragons named Jump Rock and Fancy, a Chinchilla named Rick, a Parakeet (name depends on who you ask) and her new puppy Bob. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening (both flowers and vegetables), spending time with her family and she’s a film and music fanatic.

Schaffer B.

All Purpose Agent
Shaffer started working here in October 2021 as a kennel technician. His favorite part of the job is seeing if the dogs remember him from their last visit and he likes the surprise of finding out who his guests will be when he comes into work. He has a Beagle named Snoop!  In his free time, he enjoys going to concerts, Cleveland sporting events and listening to music.

18 Years of Service

Skiy – Team Expert

Public Relations & Marketing Manager
Skiy started working here when All About Dogs opened in 2005. Her favorite part of working here is the dogs and the relationships she has developed with clients. She has two dogs named Luna and Gamora and a cat named Sahara. She enjoys watching movies, reading, crafting and spending time with her husband, kids, and pets.

6 Years of Service

Susan – Team Expert

Daycare Attendant & Park Walker
Susan started working here in March 2017. She is a daycare assistant and helps with Park Walk services. Her favorite part of the job getting to know all the dogs and their personalities. I try to use this knowledge to help them get along with the other dogs and have fun in daycare. She has 2 dogs of her own: Reagan and Alaskan Malamute and Bella. She also has 2 cats named Oreo & Lucky. In her free time, she loves to exercise, take walks, garden, read and spend time with her pets.

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17 Years of Service

Tim – Team Expert

Operations Manager
Tim is an operations manager who began working here in 2006. He likes meeting new people and their dogs, and helping those dogs in need and seeing them grow with us, becoming more confident and happier in their daily routines. His pets include Gibbs McGee Schlubowski the 1st, a border collie / lab mix and Ziva, a Boston Terrier. In his free time, Tim enjoys fishing, hanging out by a fire, and spending time with his dogs.

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