We feel it’s very important to have an active presence in our community.  There are so many dogs in our area that need a helping hand, and we pride ourselves on being out on the front line.

  • We provide a Geauga Dog Shelter donation bin in our store to collect much needed items for the stray dogs. Check out their Wish List for much needed items.
  • Our Links & Resources page provides a variety of local businesses, organizations and animal welfare groups.

We attend many local dogs rescue fundraising events to give support as they raise money to help the dogs in their care.  So, keep your eyes open and when you spot us stop over to say ‘hello’.

Community Dog Scale

Over the years we have had many of our clients ask if we have a scale to weigh their dog. 

Due to the kind generosity of The Wilson’s who donated one in
Loving Memory of the beloved Tucker,
we now have a scale in our store available to all. 

Thank you!

Geauga Dog Shelter

The Geauga Dog Shelter is the county dog pound, charged with picking up and taking care of all the stray dogs in Geauga County, Ohio. We take in about 700 dogs each year and take care of them until we can find their owner or find them new homes. Despite limited budget and limited personnel, we have a 97% rate for return to owner/adoptions. We can do this because you help. Our volunteers walk, bathe, and generally socialize the dogs so they are adoptable. Come on up and learn what you can do as a volunteer. We also appreciate the donations you give because they allow us to provide much needed medical care and food and to keep the shelter clean and disinfected. The Geauga County Dog Shelter does not receive any general tax funds–we are funded by the license fee (we get $13.50 for every $15.00 license), adoption and redemption fees and donations. Without your generous donations we could not do what we do. When you buy your next license think about what you are helping to do: 1) keeping your dog safe so if he/she gets lost we can locate you; 2) helping to provide for the 700+ strays we get in every year.

The Geauga Dog Shelter is located at 12513 Merritt Rd, Chardon OH 44024.

The shelter is limited to the number of fundraisers and rely heavily on donations from the community for food, treats, toys, medicine and veterinary for the dogs that come through their doors.

For more information about the Geauga Dog Shelter and the dogs they have available for adoption please check them out on PetFinder or their Facebook page.

How you can help.

The Geauga County Dog Shelter is always on the lookout for volunteers.  Dog lovers are always needed to walk and spend time with the dogs. The shelter also needs assistance with fund raising and community adopt-a-thons.  Contact the shelter directly at 440-286-8135 for more information.

Check out the Geauga County Dog Shelter Wish List and drop off any donated item during our store hours.

Purchase one of our pre-made or custom-made Tana’s Gifts of Giving Helping Homeless Dogs products.  100% of proceeds goes directly to the Geauga County Dog Shelter.  Available for purchase at All About Dogs.

Purchase a Canine CPR Poster

All About Dogs Canine CPR Poster

Purchase a How to Perform CANINE CPR poster.  Includes step-by-step instructions and diagrams on 11×17″ durable glossy card stock. This quick reference poster will give you piece of mind in an emergency.

Cost: $5 Available for purchase at All About Dogs.
Proceeds benefit the Geauga Dog Shelter

All About Dogs is an official 2024 Geauga County Dog License Agent

All About Dogs is an official 2024 Geauga County Dog License Agent. We sell 1-year licenses only. If you would like to purchase a 3-year or permanent license, you can do so online.

Did you know that Ohio Law requires that you license your dog. Dogs without licenses can be impounded by the dog warden and you could face a possible fine. A license tag attached to your dog’s collar proves ownership and is your pet’s ticket home if he gets lost. With that number, the County Auditor’s office can help you find your lost dog.

The annual license renewal period is December 1st – January 31st. If you get a new puppy, you must buy a license by the time he reaches three months old. If you have just moved into the county or if you just acquired a new dog, you must purchase a license within 30 days.

$15.75 when purchased before January 31, 2024, or for a new dog in your family (within 30 days of adoption)
$30.75* when purchased after January 31, 2024 (includes penalty) or after 30 days of adoption

Puppies under 3 months old or dogs brought in from out-of-state are $15.75 until July 1st.
After July 1st puppies under 3 months old (born April 1st or after) or dogs brought in from out-of-state April 1st or after the cost is $8.25.
Puppies older than 3 months or if license is purchased after 30 days from adoption date a $7.50 penalty will be added to the cost of the license.

If you have any questions about purchasing a dog license or updating your information if you have moved, we recommend contacting the Geauga County auditor’s office using the numbers provided below. 

Direct Line: (440) 279-1614
Phone: (440) 285-2222 (Ext. 1614)
Newbury and Burton Residents: 1-888-714-0006 (Ext. 1614)

Freedom Greyhound Rescue

Our T-shirt sale has been a success.
We raised $1000 to help Greyhounds. 
Thanks to all that purchased a T-shirt to support this important cause.

Freedom Greyhound Rescue, Inc., is a 501c3 organization consisting of a group of dedicated, hardworking volunteers that share a love for greyhounds and a love for our local community.

Freedom Greyhound Rescue is not affiliated with any other organization or group. The welfare of their greyhounds is their primary goal. 
They welcome all greyhounds regardless of where they are from. Their foster program consists of families and individuals who foster in their homes. Volunteers are not paid, instead they are rewarded with greyhound smiles, kisses and tail wags!