All About My Day Text Update

Receive a personalized text message or email including a picture or video about your dog(s).
Customize by selecting the number of message, specific days and delivery method.

$5.50 per message

All About Dogs Walks in the Park

Park Walks

  • Taxi Ride to and from Auburn Community Park.
  • A 30 minute walk on the trails.
  • Time to enjoy the sights and smells of the woods.
  • A trained All About Dogs staff member will be your dog’s guide.
  • A fitted harness to ensure comfort and safety.
  • An email report detailing the walk.


Multi-dog family discount available.
Dogs must pass a free evaluation to participate.
All participants must sign our walking service agreement.
All walks are weather permitting and staff availability.

All About Dogs Tana's Tasty Kong Treats

Tana’s Tasty Kong Treats

Our stuffed Kongs are a great way to provide fun and mental stimulation. Each Kong is individually stuffed with homemade, healthy and delicious ingredients.
Please ask about the variety of homemade stuffing options available.


Current Flavors: Peanut Butter Oat & Cream Cheese Cheddar with Rosemary Herb
Flavors subject to change.

Terrific Trio Package

  • A package of homemade treats for your dog to enjoy.
  • A squeaky toy for your dog to play with.
  • A personalized text message or email including a picture or video about your dog.


All About Dogs Pet Taxi

Taxi Service

  • Available Monday – Friday.
  • Transportation may be available on Saturday on Sunday but is subject to staff availability.
  • Transportation to and/or from our facility.
  • Delivery of any food or treat we carry in our store.
  • Transportation to vet for checkups or diagnostic appointments.

$1.50 per mile, $8.50 minimum

Saturday & Sunday Taxi Service is an additional $5.50 fee.
Advanced scheduling required to ensure staff available.
Distances over 10 miles require pre-approval.

Effective 3/10/22 we will be adding a temporary fuel surcharge to all taxi and in-home care services.
For travel 6 miles and less the fuel surcharge is $2.50.
For travel over 6 miles the fuel surcharge is $5.00.

Me Time – Personalized Activities

This extra service is great for multiple dog families and dogs that needed a little extra TLC. Each 15 minute session can include up to 3 of the listed activities. There is something for every dog to enjoy!

Active Activities

Fetch – a fun and engaging way to exercise your dog. Bring their favorite toy or we will supply one of our own.
Tug-of-War – enjoyable game that provides mental and physical stimulation while playing to your dog’s natural instincts.
Flirt Pole – improve your dog’s skills with a game of chase.
Jumps & Weaves – challenge your dog to move in different ways using low impact exercises!

Passive Activities

Fido Friendly Frozen Treat – a cool homemade treat for your dog to enjoy!
Belly Rub & Biscuit – with a soothing touch and a special treat from our bakery, we will help your dog relax.
Story Time – does your dog yearn for an adventure? While you are away, let us expand their minds with a journey through a good book!
Brushing & Pampering – spoil your dog with a gentle brushing in a quiet comfortable space.

$15.50 per session.

This service is in additional to the personalized time that is always included while your dog is boarding with us.

Treadmill Time

Treadmill Time is a great way to exercise your dog in safety of our climate controlled facility. The trainer will send a brief report card once the service is completed.

Prior completion and approval of our Treadmill Training is required to participate in this service.

$15.50 for 15 minutes at our facility.**

** Dogs trained in the All About Dogs facility must meet our vaccination and health policies