In-Home Care

A Place You Know 

Your Pet Will Feel 

“At Home”.  

  • All About Dogs In-Home CareNeed to…
    • Go away for business
    • Attend to family matters
    • Take a much needed vacation?
    • This is a great option for elderly pets and multiple pet families.
    • Care can be given to other family pets living in the home with your dog.

    Our skilled staff will stay overnight in your home keeping your pets comfortable while you are away.  We provide your pets with meals, playtime, cuddle time and administer any necessary medications.

    Pricing for overnight in-home care starts at $75.75.

  • All About Dogs Potty BreaksPotty Breaks are available 7 days a week and are great for dogs of all ages.
    • House training help for young pups.
    • Giving meals and treats to help break the boredom of a long day alone.
    • Administering medications.
    • Special cuddle time for our senior friends.
    • Available for all family pets.


    • $15.15 for a 10 minute break within 10 miles.
    • Mileage over 10 miles is an additional $1.01 per mile.
    • $25.25 for a 30 minute break is available through our in-home care specialists and subject to availability.
  • All About Dogs Taxi ServiceOur Dog Taxi is available 7 days per week
    • Transportation to the vet for his annual check up or diagnostic appointment.
    • Pick up and drop off at our facility for a grooming appointment, doggy daycare or overnight boarding.
    • Delivery of any food or treat we carry in our store.


    $1.01 per mile within a 15 mile radius ($5 minimum)
    Saturday & Sunday taxi is an additional $5 fee. Advanced scheduling is required to ensure staff availability.

    Anything over 10 miles is by pre-approval only.

*Payments made by cash or check will receive a 1% discount.

‘All About’ our Taxi & In-Home Services – pdf

To learn more or schedule any In-Home Service, call our store at (440)708-1364.