About All About Dogs

All About Dogs opened its doors June 4, 2005.  Our 6,800 square-foot facility was home to our doggy daycare, retail store, photography studio, self-serve dog wash, and one part-time groomer and canine masseuse.

After the first year, we realized that we needed to keep adding services.  What else could we offer our clients?  Overnight Boarding!!  In December 2006, we opened our first kennel: 12 rooms.  The overnight idea was a success.  Our clients would insist that we care for their dogs while they were out of town, even if all 12 rooms were full.  They would bring in their own crates for their dogs to stay.  And before we knew it, we had crates all over the building in order to accommodate our client’s wishes.

In March 2010, we added 1,000 square feet and an additional 10 rooms.  Needless to say, they were filled immediately and the demand continued to grow.  By summer 2011, we knew we needed a much larger facility.  In September 2011, we began the first phase of our most recent expansion.  We re-located the retail store, self-serve dog wash, canine massage and grooming to the “new building”.

Now, we are a full 17,500 square- foot facility, with 58 overnight rooms and three separate doggy daycare play areas. Each has its own outdoor play area, which is kept meticulously clean by our employees.  We have added our taxi service, in-home care services, nutritional guidance and obedience training. We also offer aerobics class with your dog (Thank Dog Bootcamp), canine massage and reiki, and grooming.

We are now the official preferred venue for Rescue Village’s (Geauga Humane Society) training classes and we participate in their foster dog program by providing a dedicated room to help a selected dog find his/her forever home.

We continue to strive to be the best pet service company for our clients.  We set the standard for which all pet service businesses should operate.