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To Give A Dog A Bone….Or Not

In today’s market, pet owners have many different options when it comes to picking out a chew bone for their ...
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All About Dogs July 4th Safety

Even Savy Pet Owners Need To Be Aware

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love fireworks and I love spending a long weekend ...
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All About Dogs puppy nipping

Nipping the Nipping Behavior

Warm weather has finally started to show itself here in Northeast Ohio and with that comes the first round of ...
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All About Dogs Doodle grooming

Doodle Mania

The groomers at All About Dogs see Doodles (“Doodle” is a fun name given to Poodle mixes), almost on a ...
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All About Dogs Training

School’s In Session

Word on the Twilight Bark is that January is National Train Your Dog Month, and rumor has it that All ...
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Car safety and your K9.

If your car is covered in dog hair and your windows display your dogs’ nose art, you might be a ...
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“I love how they allow your dog’s bedding, toys, food, etc. that will make them feel as much at home as possible. You can tell the staff gives every dog a lot of attention and TLC. I also sign her up for some pampering, with a “S-paw” Day of grooming and a massage! I have boarded my dog there for 9 years – they are my go-to doggy hotel!”