Breath Test: Take a sniff. Does your dog’s breath make your eye’s water? We can’t expect minty-fresh, but a strong, unpleasant odor may be a sign of trouble.

Take a look: Are the teeth discolored? Do you see plaque buildup? Are your dog’s gums red or bleeding? Do you notice blood on their toys or in their water bowl? Seeing blood on toys is natural for puppies when they are teething.

Behavior changes: Has your dog stopped playing or changed his play style? Does he refuse to play tug or chew on bones or toys? Is your dog reluctant to eat his meals or does he focus his chewing on a specific side of his mouth?

Provide chews and toys: There are an abundance of chews and toys specifical designed to encourage chewing which can help clean your dog’s teeth. Caution is needed with hard items that can crack your dog’s teeth.

Tooth Brushing: Using a specially designed toothbrush or dental wipes can help reduce the buildup of plaque on the teeth. Starting your dog off young and using a positive training approach can help make this a cooperative experience. Learn additional tooth brushing tips in this video!

Need help with your dog’s dental needs? Our grooming department offers a tooth brushing service. We also sell ARK Naturals Brushless Toothpaste dental chews and ARK Naturals Plaque Zapper water booster with enzymes.

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Community Corner

All About Dogs Tanas Custom Products

Amazing Service

We’ve been taking our dog to AAD since he was a puppy. First to go through training and then to daycare and boarding. We’ve had nothing but amazing service from everyone at this facility. Our dog absolutely LOVES going to daycare and we know he’s in great care when we board him. We highly recommend AAD to everyone and wouldn’t trust anyone else with our precious pup.

Maria P.

Second Home

I adopted my Benji through All About Dogs/Rescue Village a few years ago. Benji believes that the staff and facility are his other home. I still take him to daycare to play every week and he boards as well. I never even think twice about the care he is given and the love they have for him. Hands down the best all-around dog facility that has everything you need. I love All About Dogs!!

Keirsten R.

Can’t Wait To Go

We love All About Dogs, and our dogs do too! They literally pull me in when I drop them off, they can’t wait to go.

Heather R.

Worth every penny

All About Dogs is by far the best dog daycare/boarding that we’ve sent our dogs to (and we’ve tried out over 5 different places). we live on the west side, and still drive our dogs over to All About Dogs because they receive better care than any other facility. It’s the cleanest facility we’ve seen, and our dogs are SO excited each time we drop them off. It’s worth every penny knowing that our dogs are well cared for while we’re out of town!

Maddie K.

Winnie loved her

We used the service to stop by the house and spend time with our dog while we were out of town. Angie did a superior job. Winnie loved her and the follow was great. I received text messages letting me know our dog was fed, let out and even photos. Thank you so much we will definitely use them in the future.

Michael H

A great place

Our new 4-month puppy, Bailey, just started going to All About Dogs. From the moment we walked in, we knew this was a GREAT place. The staff was so friendly and professional and welcomed us to All About Dogs. We were given a tour of the facilities at that time and didn’t have to schedule one like other places. From the front counter to the daycare areas (small & large) to the boarding areas, to the grooming area (self-serve including), to the training area, to the wellness area, everything was clean and organized and we knew they all care about dogs. Very courteous staff throughout the facilities. The staff is always in communication with one another and also you. You get reports from daycare when you leave your dog and I’ sure from boarding area also. (Haven’t used that yet.) I trust them wholeheartedly to leave my dog with them knowing she will be well taken care of.

Bob C.