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Short hair or long, regular dog grooming has important health benefits. Regular baths and brushing keep your dog fresh and clean. 

Regular dog grooming allows you to spot changes in your pet’s skin or coat, including lumps, bumps, injuries or external parasites such as fleas and ticks.  Brushing helps remove dead hair and prevents painful mats.

Nail trims is another important part of the grooming routine.  Scheduling frequent trims can prevent the unnatural strain and discomfort on the paws and legs of your dog.  Nails can be clipped or ground.  Grinding will give a smoother edge and is better tolerated by some dogs.
Routine dog grooming from a young age can help your dog get acclimated to being touched and handled, which is beneficial at times of illness or injury.

Professional Services & Hours

At All About Dogs our knowledgeable and experienced groomers are happy to answer all of your questions.
We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of grooming options to match your dog’s breed and lifestyle. We use a variety of Earthbath, Bio-Groom and TropiClean products that will get your dog squeaky clean and is gentle on his skin.
We will do our best to schedule your appointments to accommodate multiple dog families and dogs that need a little extra TLC due to anxiety or physical limitations.
If your busy schedule makes it difficult for you to keep your dogs on a proper grooming schedule All About Dogs offers a variety of services to lend you a helping hand.  We have daycare (enrollment procedures apply) for those young at heart that like to play and make friends, a day sit in our kennel for dogs that prefer individual attention, or our Taxi can pick up or drop off your dog at home.
Registration in our Client Portal is required to schedule a grooming appointment.
Vaccination Requirements: Your dog must have proof of current DHLPP, Bordatella, Rabies and a negative fecal result within the last year.


Cancellation Policy:
We kindly request that cancellations for grooming appointments be made with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before the scheduled appointment time. We recognize that unforeseen circumstances can arise, leading to last-minute changes in plans that may impact your ability to attend your appointment. Should such situations occur, we encourage you to contact us promptly to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Please be advised that appointments canceled within less than 48 hours of the scheduled time may result in a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the appointment cost. 

Late Arrival Policy:
It is important to arrive promptly for your scheduled grooming appointment. In the event that you anticipate running late, we kindly request that you contact us to see if your groomer can still accommodate you for your appointment. Should you arrive beyond a 15-minute delay without prior notification, it will be necessary to reschedule your grooming appointment.

For all clients that use our professional grooming services a signed Grooming Department Policies waiver is required. It can be found in your Client Portal. Please sign it prior to your first appointment or the Front Desk will be happy to help you when you check in for your scheduled appointment.


Includes a shampoo, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out and trimming of the paw pads and sanitary areas as needed.
Full Service Groom:
Includes all of the bath services plus a full body haircut.
Face, Feet and Tail:
Includes all of the bath services plus trimming of the face, feet and tail.
Brush Out:
Basic brushing to remove loose hair and tangles.


By appointment only.
Our grooming department is open during store hours.
Last appointment time slots will be scheduled 2-3 hours prior to store closing for professional grooming services.
Please call first for groomer availability for walk-in services.

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 6:00pm
8:00am – 4:00pm

  • Pricing can vary depending on the size of the dog, length and condition of the coat, difficulty of the trim and temperament of the dog.
  • Please call in advance for an estimate.
Ala Carte & Walk-In Services

Ala Carte Services

Blueberry FacialAn extra cleaning that can help reduce tear and food stains while adding a pleasant scent around the face for both dog and owner.$10.50
CHI Deep Moisturizing TreatmentSpecial deep moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. Learn more…$20
De-Skunk A special solution made to remove the skunk oils from the skin and coat. $20.50
Ear Hair RemovalRemoving the hair inside the ear. This can help with air flow and prevent infections.$8.50
Face TrimThis service keeps your dog’s facial fur neat, clean and out of your dog’s eyes, ensuring both comfort and hygiene.$5.00-$25.00
Flea Bath A bath using shampoo specially made to kill fleas and ticks. $20.50
Furminator TreatmentA bath using a de-shedding shampoo that helps loosen the dead under coat. $30.50
Toothbrushing Helps their breath and prevent tarter build up. $5.50

Walk-In Services

Nail Grind A dremel type tool is used to get a smoother surface on the dogs nails $15-$20.50
Nail Trim Trim the nails using standard nail clippers $10-$12.50
Paw Trims Trimming the extra hair under their pads and top of feet. varies
Sanitary TrimOur groomers will clip the fur around your pup’s bottom, belly and under the tail to keep them clean and hygienic.$15.50
Meet Our Groomers
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Kimmy joined our team June 2021. She got interested in grooming because she enjoys spending time with and brushing dogs. In 2016, Kimmy completed a 10-month vet assistant program. In 2022 she started and completed an online dog grooming program. Kimmy enjoys the times she spends with the dogs when she is grooming them. She loves that what she does helps the dogs look and feel their best. Something interesting about Kimmy is that she used to be afraid of dogs and now they are a big part of her life!

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“Hi there, I’m Madison, a recent graduate from the Cleveland Grooming Academy. With a fresh certification in dog grooming, I’m stepping into the industry at 22 years old. Growing up, my life was always filled with the joy and responsibility of caring for animals, be it my own or those entrusted to me. Joining the All About Dogs team has me bursting with excitement! I’m eager to apply my lifelong connection with pets and newfound grooming skills to pamper and care for your beloved fur babies.”

A woman holding a dog in her arms.


Mo joined our team, February 2023. She started pet sitting and grooming a variety of animals as a child and wishes she had followed her passion of working with animals full-time sooner. While grooming at both an animal shelter and at a corporate grooming salon in 2016 she began formal training and received certifications. Poodles, Bichons and Pitbulls are some of her favorite breeds. Other than making pets feel their best her favorite part of grooming is the moments of pure mutual trust she gets to have with them.

A woman holding a dog in her arms.


Sara joined our team in February 2024. She will only be with us for a few months, but she is fantastic!
From a young age, anyone who met me knew I would be working with animals as an adult. At 15, my first job was in a small pet store that offered grooming. After high school, I went to college for 2 semesters and realized that was not the path I wanted to take in life. I asked the owner of the pet store I was working at to teach me how to groom, and the rest is history! Dogs are my passion, and I couldn’t imagine any other career for myself. 

Featured Services

A white van with the words " paws for care " on it.


Transportation to and/or from your dog’s grooming appointment.

Price varies.

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Supervised, off-leash group play is available. Pre-approval is required.

1/2 day $18.50
full day $30.50

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Day Sit

Need to drop off early or pick up late. We can provide a private room to wait.

1/2 day $18.50
full day $30.50

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Make it a Spa Day by adding one of our Wellness Services. By appointment.

Price varies.