Dog training is an essential factor of raising a well mannered member of your family. At All About Dogs we teach you, through positive methods, to teach your dog.  Learn to identify your dogs individual needs and communicate effectively, building a strong relationship and a confident dog. We offer training for dogs of all ages.

Group Training Classes

Our organized group classes are a good way for you to learn how to teach your dog the skills necessary to navigate in the human world.  It provides an opportunity to introduce your dog to a new environment and help them learn the skills necessary to become well mannered both at home and in the community.    
Check out our group training class schedule.

Private Training

Private training** provides one-on-one attention that allows you to focus your training on the specific behaviors or issues that are important to you. It also offers an alternate option for people or dogs who would not do well in a group class setting. If you are unsure if private lessons are for you please let us evaluate your dog. Ideally private lessons are not for unsocialized dogs as group classes provide substantial benefits. Private training can be done at your home or at All About Dogs.

We have multiple trainers on staff to meet your needs. Click here to Meet Our Trainers.

For more information about our classes or private training, please call the store at 440-708-1364 or email

**Cost is $50.50* per an hour.  Travel charges may apply for training done in your home.

*Payments made by cash or check will receive a 1% discount.

AKC - Canine Good Citizen