The Geauga Dog Shelter is the county dog pound, charged with picking up and taking care of all the stray dogs in Geauga County, Ohio. We take in about 700 dogs each year and take care of them until we can find their owner or find them new homes. Despite a limited budget and limited personnel, we have a 97% rate for return to owner/adoptions. We can do this because you help. Our volunteers walk, bathe, and generally socialize the dogs so they are adoptable. Come on up and learn what you can do as a volunteer. We also appreciate the donations you give because they allow us to provide much needed medical care and food and to keep the shelter clean and disinfected. The Geauga County Dog Shelter does not receive any general tax funds--we are funded by the license fee (we get $13.50 for every $15.00 license), adoption and redemption fees and donations. Without your generous donations we could not do what we do. When you buy your next license think about what you are helping to do: 1) keeping your dog safe so if he/she gets lost we can locate you; 2) helping to provide for the 700+ strays we get in every year.

According to volunteer Mary Bittence, these are the current needs of the shelter:

What we need most are monetary donations to take care of the medical needs of the dogs. Our strays come in with heartworm, broken legs, entropia and a myriad of other issues and they need medical attention. All the dogs are spayed/neutered and brought up-to-date on shots and these costs also need to be covered. Checks can be made payable to Geauga County Dog Shelter and sent to: 12513 Merritt Rd., Chardon, OH 44024. We can also always use: Sensible or Easy Walk harnesses; Advantage, Frontline or Capstar flea medications; any leftover canine medications; rawhides; leashes (6') and collars; laundry soap; paper towels; printer cartridges (for a HP Office Jet Pro 8600); printer paper and copy paper; Lysol; dry erase markers (fine tip, please); and packaging tape. Thank You.

For more information about the Geauga Dog Shelter and the dogs they have available for adoption please check them out on PetFinder or their Facebook page.

All dogs over the age of three months that reside in Geauga County need a dog license. A dog license is your dog's ticket home if they get lost.  A portion of the cost of the license goes to support the Geauga Dog Shelter.

2019 Geauga Dog License
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$15.75 when purchased before January 31, 2019
$30.75* when purchased after  January 31, 2019 (includes penalty)