What is included with a bath?
What is included in a full service groom?
My dog just needs a maintenance clean up. Is there something between a bath and full service groom?
What are the prices based off of?
Why does it cost so much?
I don’t want the nails cut or ears cleaned on my dog. Does it cost less this way?
Are your groomers certified/licensed?
I just want a trim. Will the groomers shave my dog?
Do you do anal glands and ear hair?
My dog is in show coat / I would like my dog hand-stripped / hand-scissored.
How long will it take to groom my dog?
Can I bring my dog in later or earlier than the scheduled appointment time?
I have to drop off or pick up SEVERAL hours before or after my scheduled appointment?
Can my dog be done straight through?
Can I stay with my dog?
Can I wait for my dog?
My dog has been kicked out of other grooming shops / needs to be sedated / has a major medical concern.