What is included with a bath?
Bath packages include a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, trimming of paw pads and sanitary areas as needed, and light outline (feather) trimming on applicable breeds.
What is included in a full service groom?

Full service grooms include a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, trimming of paw pads and sanitary areas, and FULL BODY haircut of any length.

My dog just needs a maintenance clean up. Is there something between a bath and full service groom?

Feet, Face & Tail packages are available and include everything in the bath package as well as an extended trim-up. Prices fall somewhere between those of the bath and full service groom packages depending on the amount of trimming required.

What are the prices based off of?

Prices are based on the size of the dog, length and condition of the coat, difficulty of the cut and temperament of the dog. Additional fees apply for add-ons such as nail grinding or large amounts of de-matting, etc.

Why does it cost so much?

Our groomers use very high quality, natural products on every dog. Unlike many grooming salons we schedule spa-style, allowing for each dog to receive special attention and spend minimal time waiting in crates, but this does not allow us to see a large amount of dogs each day. The cost reflects the personalized, lower stress experience of AAD grooming.

I don't want the nails cut or ears cleaned on my dog. Does it cost less this way?

Our packages are not itemized so there is no price break for refusing individual aspects of the grooming.

Are your groomers certified/licensed?

There is currently no legal state certification or licensing for groomers in Ohio. All of our groomers have attended a credible grooming school and/or completed a grooming apprenticeship. They are all enthusiastic about their jobs, gentle and patient with their canine clients and strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality.

I just want a trim. Will the groomers shave my dog?

Not if the dog isn’t matted. The groomers always do their best to leave the coat as long as the owner wants it, but only a certain amount of de-matting can be done before it becomes too painful for the dog. The groomers will NOT put the look of the groom before the safety and comfort of the dog. If the coat is deemed too matted to be saved, the groomers with obtain permission from the owner before proceeding with a shave down either in person at drop-off or via phone call if the matting is discovered once grooming has commenced.

Do you do anal glands and ear hair?

We do not offer anal gland expression. We do offer ear hair removal for an additional fee but highly recommend that owners discuss with their veterinarian whether their dog should have this service performed by a groomer or by a medical professional. Many vets prefer to remove ear hair themselves or not at all.

My dog is in show coat / I would like my dog hand-stripped / hand-scissored.

We specialize in low-maintenance, mid-length pet grooms and do not generally offer these services.

How long will it take to groom my dog?

In general, most dogs are out within a few hours. It varies between each individual dog depending on their size, coat type and what they are having done. It varies even more so from day to day depending on what other dogs are on the schedule. One large hairy dog can substantially slow down the progress of the rest of the day, while a day full of baths and small, easy grooms will generally move along quite quickly. A groomer will call as soon as the dog is finished and ready to be picked up.

Can I bring my dog in later or earlier than the scheduled appointment time?

The client is always welcome to drop their dog off a bit early, but this will not affect the pick-up time as the groomers will still not necessarily be able to start the dog any earlier than the scheduled appointment. The groomers cannot accept dogs arriving later than the scheduled appointment time unless the appointment slot after is available. For example, a client needing to arrive at 9:30 needs to be scheduled in the 10am slot. If the slot is not available a different time or day needs to be considered.

I have to drop off or pick up SEVERAL hours before or after my scheduled appointment?

Long stays in the grooming salon where a substantial amount of the time is not spent actively being groomed may require a daysit fee of $15.00 or more.  For dogs  needing to stay for an extended period of time doggy daycare is an option for dogs that have passed the temperament test or daysits in our kennel. We also offer a taxi service to / from your home by appointment.

Can my dog be done straight through?

Yes, we can accommodate straight through appointments though they need to be scheduled carefully. The first appointment of the day is the only time that we can guarantee straight through service. It can be done later in the day but needs to be scheduled personally by a groomer.

Can I stay with my dog?

Except in cases where there is a medical or temperament concern, we do not generally allow owners to remain with their dogs in the grooming room. It is a safety concern as it is already crowded in the salon without an extra body, along with the fact that most dogs are more excitable with their owners present. Appointments of this sort need to be scheduled personally by a groomer.

Can I wait for my dog?

Clients are welcome to wait but the groomers ask that the client stays away from the window and door of the salon as at the sight of their owner dogs tend to become excitable and hard to groom. Clients wishing to wait should be scheduled in the first appointment of the day so that the dog can be done straight through with minimal wait time.

My dog has been kicked out of other grooming shops / needs to be sedated / has a major medical concern.

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. We are almost always willing to try to groom any dog at least once. These are all concerns that need to be addressed and scheduled personally by a groomer.

Do you require vaccines?

Grooming clients are held to the same vaccination policy as our other in house guests.  We require vaccinations for Rabies, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Distemper-Parvo Combo.  We also require a negative fecal test done annually.