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Kara J.

Daycare Attendant, Kennel Technician, Bather & Overnight Care
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Kara started here in July 2017. She is a kennel technician, daycare attendant, a bather for the grooming department and does overnight care. Her favorite part of the job “All of it! I love getting to meet tons of new dogs all the time and getting to play with them, pet them or just show them any love they might need. There is a lot of cleaning but I know it is necessary to make the pups comfortable.” She has 1 dog named Klondike, he is a Pekingese, Poodle and Chihuahua mix. He only weighs 8 lbs but he thinks he is a big guard dog. Kara absolutely loves music. She enjoys going to shows, playing guitar and ukulele, and collecting vinyl. She also loves writing. One of her goals is to write and edit a book even if she is the only one that reads it.

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