All About Dogs Helping Hand - AndreaAll About Dogs Helping Hand - Andrea



Photo of Don A.
Don A.
Maintenance Technician

Don has been our maintenance technician since November 2018.  His favorite part of the job is “getting to see all the different types of dogs.” Don has 4 dogs, Beagles Gus & Myles, a Border Collie mix named Sammy and an American Bulldog / Hound mix named Winter. When Don is not at All About Dogs, he enjoys playing guitar, spending time outdoors and painting.

Photo of Marty A.
Marty A.
Daycare Attendant, Kennel Technician, Taxi Expert

Marty has been a daycare attendant and kennel tech here since April 2014, her duties have expanded to become our Taxi Expert.  She loves “spending time with all different types of dogs in all shapes and sizes.” Marty has four dogs of her own; beagles named Gus and Myles, a mixed border collie named Sammy, and a hound named Winter. When Marty is not at All About Dogs, she enjoys gardening, playing cards, animal rescue and spending time with her dogs and family.


Kristina B.
Kennel Assistant

Kristina has been a kennel tech here since May 2019.  Her favorite part of the job is “getting to know each and every dog as if they were my own. It’s so rewarding to know that I am taking care of someone’s beloved family member.”  Kristina doesn’t have any pets at home but she get’s her doggy fix  here at work. When not at All About Dogs she enjoys working out, hanging out with friends, reading books and taking long naps.

Photo of Laura B.
Laura B.
Kennel Technician, Taxi Driver & Dog Training Coordinator

Laura joined our team as a Kennel Technician in September 2015, expanding her duties to Taxi Driver in September 2016. In Spring of 2017 she joined our dog training team and was promoted to Dog Training Coordinator in August 2018. Laura enjoys working and interacting with all of the different dogs. She has five dogs of her own, an Australian Shepherd, 2 Treeing Walker Coonhounds, a Bluetick Coonhound and a Mountain Cur. In her spare time she loves training and competing with her dogs in UKC, AKC & ASCA events consisting mostly of agility, conformation and lure coursing. She also enjoys writing, photography, teaching her dog tricks and being outdoors.

Photo of Marie B.
Marie B.
Operations Manager

Marie has worked at All About Dogs off and on since we opened in 2005.  She was promoted to operations manager in August 2019. Her favorite part of the job is “working alongside a great group of people and playing with all of the regular pups”.  Marie has a dog of her own, a Boston Terrier named Bijou. In her free time she enjoys music, art and exploring the great outdoors.

Photo of Myles B.
Myles B.
Kennel Technician

Myles has been a kennel tech here since June 2019.  His favorite parts of the job are “the amazing dogs and even better people.” Myles has a Cavachon named Finn.  His favorite activities include exercise, skateboarding, rock wall climbing and being friends with Norman, another of our wonderful employees.

Photo of Skiy B.
Skiy B.
Operations Manager

Skiy is an operations manager who began working here when All About Dogs opened in 2005. Her favorite part of working here is the dogs and the relationships she has developed with clients. She has two mixed-breed dogs, Luna and Samantha, and a cat named Sahara. She enjoys watching movies, reading, crafting and spending time with her husband, daughter, and pets.



Photo of Tim B.
Tim B.
Operations Manager

Tim is an operations manager who began working here in 2006. He likes meeting new people and their dogs, and “helping those dogs in need and seeing them grow with us, becoming more confident and happy in their daily routines. ” His pets include Gibbs McGee Schlubowski the 1st, a border collie / lab mix and Ziva, a Boston Terrier. In his free time, Tim enjoys fishing, hanging out by a fire, and spending time with his dogs.


Photo of Deanna C.
Deanna C.
Owner & Creator

Deanna is the owner and creator of All About Dogs. She opened the business in 2005, because she wanted a job where she could bring her boxer, Tana, to work. She enjoys meeting clients and their dogs. She and Tim have a dog named Gibbs McGee Schlubowski the 1st, a border collie/lab mix and Ziva, a Boston Terrier. Tana, the inspiration to All About Dogs, passed away at 14.5 years old in August of 2018. Deanna loves to cook, bike and spend time with her husband, Gibbs and Ziva.


Photo of Jessie E.
Jessie E.
Kennel Supervisor

Jessie started here in February 2015, as a kennel & daycare tech. In 2017 she became a kennel supervisor. Jessie most enjoys “taking care of all the different great dogs every day.” In her free time, she tries to do as much volunteering with animal rescue and her local pound as possible.  She is also attending classes to become a vet tech.



Photo of Pamela G.
Pamela G.
Wellness Administrator

Pam wears many hats here at All About Dogs, including doing canine massage, reiki, training, website development, and staff continued education. She has been here since November 2009, and most enjoys “helping our clients build a strong bond with their dogs based on trust, and educating our employees so they can help the dogs be relaxed and happy during their time with us.” She has two dogs, Louie, a lab mix and Wendy, a beagle terrier mix and a horse named Tee Jay. Her hobbies include hiking with her dogs, reading books to learn more about dog behavior and training, pleasure reading (murder mysteries), participating in scent work and Rally-O classes with her dogs.


Photo of Amanda H.
Amanda H.
Dog Trainer

Amanda joined our team in November 2015. She is both a certified groomer and trainer through Animal Behavioral College. Amanda is an AKC evaluator, for both CGC and S.T.A.R. Puppy, as well as a Therapy Dogs International (TDI) Evaluator. Her favorite part of the job is “teaching the handler the tools they need to show their dog how to be a well mannered part of their family – a trained dog is a happy & confident dog.”  She enjoys doing outside activities with her family like raising goats and chickens, camping and hiking.  She also volunteers with her Therapy Dog at local schools and colleges.

Photo of Jamie H.
Jamie H.
Greeter & Daycare Collaring Technician

Jamie has worked here as a daycare attendant since 2012. She said the dogs are her favorite part of working here, and her hobbies include sitting by the fire with her son, hiking in the woods, shooting guns at her aunt’s house, and reading.


Photo of Alicia K.
Alicia K.
Professional Groomer

Alicia has been in the pet grooming industry for nearly 20 years. She has learned techniques from many different groomers. Alicia has participated in several grooming expos and educational seminars. She specializes in all breeds, but personally enjoys grooming mixed breed dogs. During her spare time she enjoys hiking with her dog and doing Yoga.

Photo of Kelli K.
Kelli K.
Kennel Supervisor, Bather & Overnight Care

Kelly started here in October 2016. She was promoted to Kennel Supervisor in August 2019. Her favorite part of the job is “spending time with every single dog and making sure they are safe and happy in their setting .” She has 5 cats named Berlioz, Valentina, Kevin, Bandit & Jovi and 2 dogs named Daisy and Skylar. She loves to read, sing and completing coloring pages.

Photo of Melinda K.
Melinda K.
Kennel Technician, Daycare Attendant & Dog Trainer

Melinda joined our team in February 2018. She works as a Kennel Technician, Daycare Attendant and Dog Trainer. Her favorite part of the job is “how there is never a dull moment and I learn something new everyday!  I also love when I get to have one-on-one time with the dogs and really get to know them.”  She has 4 dogs a Puggle, a Chihuahua / Dachshund mix, a Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier mix and a Border Collie / Lab mix.  Melinda has a strong interest in animal behavior outside of work. I love to go hiking with my dogs, camping and I have a love for aquatic animals as I own a 20 gallon and 55 gallon freshwater aquarium.  I also take my dogs to agility classes.

Photo of Norman K.
Norman K.
Kennel Technician

Norman has been a daycare attendant and kennel tech here since August 2018.  His favorite parts of the job are “meeting new dogs and getting to know what kind of personality they portray. Seeing new types of breeds and just learning more about dogs everyday! Lastly, I just like hanging out with them. They make me happy and I know they are happy as well.” Norman has a German Shepherd mix named Ava, an indoor cat named Chester and 4 outside, stray kitties named Mr. Whitey, Gomez, Junior and Lorilei that have been around so long they have become part of the family. When Norman is not at All About Dogs, he enjoys listening to music, watching Netflix and YouTube videos. He’s also a big Cleveland sports guy. He plays lacrosse and loves spending time with friends.

Photo of Serafina K.
Serafina K.
Kennel Technician

Serafina started working here in October 2019 and is a Kennel Technician. Her favorite part of the job “is spending one-on-one time with the dogs.” She has a Black Lab mix named Rue and two cats named Peanut and Felix.  In her free time she loves to paint and read.


Photo of Julianna L.
Julianna L.
Professional Groomer

Julianna began working here as a kennel tech and daycare attendant in March 2016. In September 2016 she joined our grooming department as a bather. After completing the Basic Animal Grooming Certificate Program at Stautzenberger College, Juliana became a part time Professional Groomer in January 2017. She loves “interacting with the dogs and getting to know them.” She has two Golden Retrievers named Piper and Fletcher. In her free time she enjoys training her dogs and competing in AKC agility and Skyhoundz frisbee! She also enjoys photography and puppy raising service dogs.

Photo of Nicole L.
Nicole L.
Daycare Attendant

Nicole is a daycare attendant and started working at All About Dogs in 2016 and currently works with us on her time off from her teaching position. Her favorite part of the job is “getting to see dogs I’ve know for years and meeting new ones!  My co-workers are awesome too!”  She has three dogs Humphrey, Bean and Bailey plus two mice named Karen Jr. and Colleen.  When not teaching or working at All About Dogs Nicole is an avid kayaker and amateur photographer.


Photo of Jack M.
Jack M.
Kennel Technician

Jack has been a kennel tech here since June 2019.  His favorite parts of the job are “getting shy dogs to start loving me. It’s so rewarding to win the trust of a dog.” Jack has a Golden Retriever named Izzic.  His special interests include basketball and music production, but above all, he’s interested in politics and civil engagement.

Photo of Susan M.
Susan M.
Daycare Attendant

Susan started working here in March 2017 and is a daycare assistant. Her favorite part of the job “getting to know all the dogs and their unique personalities, so I can help them enjoy playing in daycare safely.” She has 2 dogs of her own; Reagan and Alaskan Malamute and Mattie a Yellow Lab. She also has 4 cats. In her free time she works part time as a physical therapist.  For pleasure she enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with her family.

Photo of Will M.
Will M.
Daycare Attendant

Will has been a kennel tech here since May 2019.  His favorite moment is “seeing that shy dog that won’t come anywhere near you, then as you do your job well in daycare eventually the dog warms up and happily trots up so you can pet it.” When not at work he plays on the Miami University Club Dodgeball Team, enjoys woodworking projects and playing Dungeons & Dragons.


Photo of Molly O.
Molly O.
Daycare Attendant

Molly started working here in October 2019 and is a Daycare Assistant. Her favorite part of the job is “interacting with all the dogs and working as a part of this team!” She has a rescue dog named Pippin who is part Blue Heeler.  They named him after a character from The Lord of the Rings.  In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading and crafting.


Photo of Andrea P.
Andrea P.
Professional Groomer

Andrea started here in 2015, as a daycare assistant and kennel technician. She assisted in the grooming department as a bather while she attended grooming school. In September 2017 she completed the Basic Animal Grooming Certificate Program at Stautzenberger College.  Andrea most enjoys “spending one-on-one time with the dogs and giving them extra love.” She has 3 dogs; Sammie, a tea cup Aussie; Niko, a Shih/Tzu Yorkie mix; and a Chihuahua named Peety.



Photo of Angie P.
Angie P.
Kennel Technician

Angie joined our team as a Kennel Technician in October 2017. Angie’s favorite part of the job is coming here and pretending that all of these dogs are her own for the day.  Her husband thinks one more dog in their household might be too much. Coming here all day and not being allowed to take any of the dogs home clearly works for her marriage. She has three dogs of her own, Jake, Sadie and Louie and one rescue cat named Joey. In her spare time she loves reading, and bargain shopping.  She keeps active with yoga, running, Pilates and Spinning.

Photo of Matt P.
Matt P.
Daycare Attendant


Photo of Autumn S.
Autumn S.
Daycare Team Leader & Kennel Technician

Autumn started here in November 2017, and is a daycare attendant and kennel technician. Her favorite part of the job is “getting to care for all of the dogs and meet  new people.” She has a Beagle / Boxer mix named Roxie and a Beagle named Zeus. During her free time she enjoys collecting pennies, mostly wheat pennies and writing poems and songs.

Photo of Brittany “L.B.” S.
Brittany “L.B.” S.
Kennel Supervisor & Front Desk Clerk

L.B. is a kennel supervisor, and front desk clerk. She has been here since April 2012. She enjoys taking care of her favorite long-time clients and has one dog, Samson, a Pomeranian. Her hobbies are reading, exercising and working with animals. (Dogs especially.)

Photo of Melissa S.
Melissa S.
Daycare Team Leader, Kennel Technician, Taxi Driver & Overnight Care

Melissa started here in June 2015 and is a daycare assistant and kennel technician. In 2017 Melissa started driving our taxi. Her favorite part of the job “being with the dogs! I love meeting new dogs and getting to know them and seeing my favorite regulars.” She has 5 dogs of her own; Shadow, Cody, Shanna, Prue and Xena and 2 cats named Kacey and Patches. In her free time, she loves spending time playing and hanging out with her dogs. She also enjoys some video games, camping, and spending a lot of time with her Dad and boyfriend.


Photo of Nina T.
Nina T.
Professional Groomer

Nina joined our grooming department in April 2017. She loves all breeds and sizes. The most rewarding part of grooming for Nina is the transformation of the dog and knowing that he feels better.  Her favorite part of working here is “the beautiful, clean workplace and so many fantastic dogs. The staff is amazingly caring and will go out of their way for any furry friend.” Nina has an American Staffordshire Terrier named Bane and a cat named Widdles. In her spare time she loves spending time with her 3 kids and hanging out with any and all animals.

Photo of Renee T.
Renee T.
Operations Assistant

Renee is an operations assistant who has been here since September 2012. She is happy that every area of her job “has something to do with the care and nurturing of dogs.” She has an orange tabby cat named Mr. Pickles; a tortoiseshell cat named Scooter Pants; and a husky named Koda Bear. Her hobbies are arts and crafts, gardening, her Harley, animals and the welfare of our planet.


Photo of Judy W.
Judy W.
Front Desk

Judy started here in March 2011, and works at the front desk. She most enjoys “the people I work with and the families who are our clients.” She has two dogs Arlo and Maddy and two goats Scout and Oliver. She enjoys working with the bees in her two beehives and decorating.