What food will you feed my dog?
How often will you feed my dog?
Can you accommodate feeding separate?
How often does my dog go outside to go potty?
My dog needs to get medication. Do you charge extra to administer it?
My dog is diabetic. Do you administer the shots?
What happens if my pet gets sick while he is boarding?
Do you take the dogs for walks or have special play time with them? Does this cost extra?
Does my dog get put outside to potty with other dogs?
How often do you clean the rooms?
How do you clean your outdoor areas?
What if my dog is sensitive to cleaning supplies?
My dog likes to sleep in her crate at night.
What is included in the boarding fee?
What should I bring for my dog?
Do I need a reservation?
Does my pet need to be vaccinated? What if they have health issues?
What is your cancellation policy?
Can I tour your facility before booking a reservation?
Do you have any age or health restrictions for boarding?
I have a multiple dog household. Can they stay in the same room together?
Can I check in on my dog while I am away?
What hours are you there?
What size are the rooms?