To Give A Dog A Bone….Or Not

In today’s market, pet owners have many different options when it comes to picking out a chew bone for their dog. One that can’t be beat is the age old ...
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All About Dogs July 4th Safety

Even Savy Pet Owners Need To Be Aware

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love fireworks and I love spending a long weekend going to different displays around the area. I also know ...
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All About Dogs puppy nipping

Nipping the Nipping Behavior

Warm weather has finally started to show itself here in Northeast Ohio and with that comes the first round of “puppy season.”  Day one of Puppy Manners Class I always ...
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All About Dogs Doodle grooming

Doodle Mania

The groomers at All About Dogs see Doodles (“Doodle” is a fun name given to Poodle mixes), almost on a daily basis. With their fun loving personalities, it’s no wonder ...
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All About Dogs Training

School’s In Session

Word on the Twilight Bark is that January is National Train Your Dog Month, and rumor has it that All About Dogs is introducing new classes in 2018 to celebrate ...
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K9 Car Safety

Car safety and your K9.

If your car is covered in dog hair and your windows display your dogs’ nose art, you might be a person who frequently travels with your pet. We see vehicles ...
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Agility – Fast, Furious & Fun!

Are you interested in an activity where you and your dog work as a team? Imagine navigating a field of obstacles together while trying to beat the clock all the ...
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Is your dog Silent but Painful?

Silent But Painful

September is animal pain awareness month. Animals are incredible when it comes to managing pain. Unlike most of us, they keep on moving with little or no complaint until the ...
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Muddy Paws

5 Great Tips for Keeping Your Dog Clean this Fall.

The leaves are beginning to slowly change in Northeast Ohio, a subtle reminder that the warm sunny days of summer are nearing their end. The cooler weather and the vibrant ...
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National Pet Fire Safety Day

July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day, created to spread awareness of how to keep pets safe in the event of a fire. About 500,000 pets per year are ...
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Stage 10 Dog Lover

I come from a family of animal lovers. You might recall an earlier post written by my mom, in which she told the story of our late dog, Bonnie. You ...
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Pet Insurance- Does It Add Up?

Pet Insurance- Does It Add Up? If you’re like most pet owners, chances are you have been hit with a huge medical bill for your pet somewhere along the way ...
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I had always liked Australian Shepherds, and when I finally got to interact with the breed I knew I had to have one. I found a great breeder, waited several ...
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Australian Shepherd - Logo

Bark in the Park

Dog owners either love or hate dog parks. For people who don’t have a yard, the dog park is a chance for a pent-up dog to run, play and generally ...
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Choked Up

On any given day, a dog puts many things in his mouth that he shouldn’t. Garbage, sticks, rocks, toys… any of these things can become lodged in his throat and ...
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ASPCA Poison Control

Poison Patrol

Most dogs are not discriminating with what they put into their mouths. Sticks, wrappers, cardboard, cat litter…you name it, they will eat it. There is nothing quite like the panic ...
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Spring is in the Air

February is skunk mating season.  If you’ve left your house in the past few weeks, this is not news to you. The pristine, quiet, odor free days of winter have ...
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Saving Your Dog’s Smile

Do you love when your dog comes in for a kiss, only to recoil when the close contact comes with a big cloud of bad breath? Does your dog seem ...
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Notice of Requirement for Leptospirosis Vaccine

We are requiring that all dogs who use our boarding and daycare facility be vaccinated against leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is an illness that mainly occurs in wet environments, and is becoming ...
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Snow Day!

The good news: the kids are off school, and you’re snowed in! The bad news? You’re ready to sit by the fire, but your dog is full of energy and ...
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10 Ways to Winterize Your Dog

Trim long-haired dogs to reduce the clinging of ice balls, salt crystals and de-icing chemicals that can dry on the skin. They should absolutely not be shaved in the winter…their ...
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Resolutions for 2016

Resolve to take care of your dog’s health. This is the number one resolution for people, and it should be for your dog as well. Just like their owners, many ...
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Does your dog need a winter coat?

There are two ways of thinking when it comes to dogs in clothes: some owners love to dress up their dog in sweaters, boots, hair ribbons, Halloween costumes…and their dogs ...
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Lure Coursing

Rabbits, squirrels, the mail man… most dogs have a natural prey drive that makes them instinctively want to chase anything that moves. If you have such a dog and are ...
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Bone Appetit

Every dog owner has a story about something their dog ate, and the consequences that followed. We had a golden retriever named Andy when I was growing up who once ...
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The Best Dog Ever!

I have only cheated on my husband once. It began the way affairs typically do: a sense of emptiness and loss, followed by a little browsing online to see what ...
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Can Dogs See Ghosts

Have you ever caught your dog barking at nothing? Does he get startled, or whine for seemingly no reason? While many of us have been trained to be dismissive of ...
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Holistic Ways to Help Your Pet

There are lots of ailments that can affect your dog, and calling the vet every time can get awfully expensive. As more and more people turn to alternative medicine to ...
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Massage or Reiki

The simple act of petting a dog can be a form of massage. Many dogs seek it out, whether it be by nudging a nearby person or rolling onto his ...
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Large Dog or Small

It is often said in Cleveland that you are an east sider or a west sider, and you stay that way for life. The same could be said of dog ...
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Pit Bull

A Pitty Reputation

With two dog attacks occurring this month in our area, pit bulls are back in the spotlight. There are some who think pit bulls are so risky to human safety ...
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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

This is not the summer most of us hoped for; days of warmth and sunshine have been replaced by rain, rain and more rain.  The air is damp, and our ...
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Summer Safety

Who doesn’t love summer? It seems like we wait all year in Cleveland for the very short few months of warm temperatures. Unfortunately, there is a disproportionate amount of hazards ...
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Storm Stress

Lightning, thunder, and the sound of rain falling on the roof. For many of us, a thunderstorm is a soothing opportunity to cozy up in the summer, and a welcome ...
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Can your dog feel love?

Does your dog love you? Nearly all dog owners will insist that yes, they do. Not only do they love you, but the love they give is unadulterated, absolute, 100 ...
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Ticked Off!

Most of us would find it surprising that anything survived in the cold temperatures we endured during the winter. In fact, insects not only survived, they thrived, which means extra ...
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What to do when your Dog gets Sprayed by a Skunk

Groomer Lindsey said the best way to handle it is to mix up a paste of equal parts Dawn dish soap, peroxide, baking soda and Listerine. Spread it on the ...
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Spring Means Allergies

For many of us, the arrival of spring also signals the start of allergy season. Unfortunately, the same is true for our furry friends. Many dogs are allergic to trees, ...
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All About Dogs - Canine Massage

Reiki & Canine Massage

  Pam Ginther Perry provides reiki and canine massage both here at All About Dogs and in your home. The cost is $25 per half-hour plus $1 for each additional ...
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Setting the Standard on Exceptional Pet Excellence!

Dog Flu Update

To our Customers; We have been hearing concerns about reports of the dog flu in our area. We want to take this opportunity to address it directly. First, there has ...
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Going on vacation and leaving a part of you at home.

All pet owners have been through it. You are excited about a long-anticipated vacation, and have just pulled out your suitcases to start packing. But before the suitcase is unzipped, ...
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Do Dogs Feel Grief?

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a dog knows the wrenching grief that comes with it. There is a void in the home that cannot be filled. While the ...
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