A Pitty Reputation — 1 Comment

  1. No matter the breed, a dog is just a dog. A human is just a human. Bully breeds are hundreds of years from their dog fighting ancestors. But human greed continues to grow as well as violence becoming a daily part of life. A dog is only as good as the people that it is with. Not the way they are raised. Vicktory dogs proved that. But it is also important for EVERY human to be responsible not just with their dogs but their children. Many attacks are caused because either parents cannot read body language or they have not taught their children to respect animals. Dogs don’t bite just to be mean. They’re not computers so they cannot be programmed. Dogs bite because nobody is listening/looking at what they have to say. Just like my father always said, you have to get a license to drive or save lives but not to take care of a living being.