1. Resolve to take care of your dog’s health. This is the number one resolution for people, and it should be for your dog as well. Just like their owners, many dogs overindulge during the holidays, and get less exercise as temperatures drop. If your dog has put on a few pounds recently, cut back on the handouts and stick to his normal diet. Try to get him out for walks…this winter has been conducive to getting outdoors, so take advantage of it!  Learn how to gauge your dog’s body condition with this Body Scoring Chart.
  2. Training- Training classes are a great way to have fun with your dog and build a stronger bond while stimulating your dog both mentally and physically. And let’s face it, a well-mannered dog makes him a more pleasant companion for your family! Classes range from early puppy manners to therapy dog training, and everything in between. Check out our website, we offer several training classes.
  3. Teach your dog some new tricks! Your dog can earn a Trick Dog Performance Title for performing tricks such as balancing a cookie on his nose, ringing a bell to go outside, or waving goodbye. Dogs can choose from a variety of tricks that add up to 15 points to earn their title. Dogs enjoy the mental stimulation of learning a new trick and the fact that it means spending time with you!
  4. Try Dognition– Have you ever wondered about your dog’s intelligence and how he sees the world?  If so, then check out Dognition.  You are provided with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for science-based games that will allow you to assess 5 core areas of your dog’s cognition – empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning.  This is something you can do at home, and is a great project for these upcoming winter months!
  5. Take him to park. There are several dog parks where dogs can let loose, run, and play with other dogs. There is no better way to wear your dog out, and it socializes them at the same time.
  6. Go out for ice cream. Several local business offer “pup cups” for dogs, including Dairy Queen, Valley Villa in Chesterland and Starbucks.
  7. Consider C-WAGS. Canine Work and Games is a chance to challenge your dog with games such as black jack, colors, pairs, team and grab bag, and scent work. It is open to everyone. The organization holds events at varying locations and times.
  8. Take him to daycare. Dogs like to play with other dogs. Daycare is a supervised environment where all dogs have been temperament-tested. When the weather makes it unpleasant to take your dog outside, daycare gives them all the play and activity they need. For more about our daycare services check out our website.
  9. How about a massage? Who doesn’t love a massage? We have a canine massage practitioner and reiki master here who is ready to help your dog relax. It is very helpful for older dogs, who may have more aches and pains. To find out more about canine massage and reiki check out our website.
  10. Brush his teeth. Teeth are often an overlooked part of dog care. Many dogs lose teeth over the years, with some suffering from infections in their gums and jaws. A mouth that is not cared for leads to bad breath, which is never enjoyable for the owner. Brushing your dog’s teeth once a day is an easy way to prevent complicated problems down the road. Top ten tooth brushing tips.


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