We at All About Dogs know that your furry friend is an important part of your family. All the love in the world isn't always enough to keep him happy and healthy.  That is why we only stock our store with top-quality products and provide a wide range of services for your dog's mind & body. All About Dogs, Healthy Mind & Body

Retail Store:

A good diet is an important part of your dog's health.  It should provide all the necessary nutrients your dog needs to be active and alert.  With so many dog foods on the market, finding the right match for your dog can be overwhelming.  We make that task easier by only stocking food and treats that meet our high standards.

All About Dogs TrainingTraining:

Mental stimulation and exercise are an important part of your dog's well-being. Many of our family dogs have been bred to perform specific jobs. If they don't have a way to fulfill that desire it may materialize as undesirable behaviors.  Group and private training is a great way to help focus your dog's mind and energy on being a well mannered family dog.

Canine Massage:

If your dog needs a helping hand keeping active and feeling their best.  Canine massage is great for relaxation, aids rehabilitation from injury and can help keep athletes in tip-top shape.  It is appropriate for growing puppies, active adults and slowing seniors. 


Reiki balances the energy in both the mind and body.  It has been shown to help heal injury and illness in addition to reducing anxiety and behavioral problems.