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All About Dogs Featured Employee Melinda

Melinda joined our team in February of 2018 as a kennel and daycare tech. Melinda is a certified dog trainer through CATCH canine trainers academy. Melinda is a certified evaluator for Canine Good Citizen. Her passion in life is to keep dogs out of shelters and to rehabilitate those dogs who need a second chance.

What is your favorite part of your job?  Getting to use all my training knowledge all day everyday and being able to educate others. I also love getting to know all the dogs as if they were my own.

What is your best memory or day on the job? I have so many memories however I have 3 that really stand out. I loved when I got to be a part of Money’s adoption. He was a rescue dog from Rescue Village. Being able to meet the adopters and be able to see him off was bittersweet. I also loved working/training with Stevie a pup with many behavioral challenges. Connecting with her and gaining her trust was amazing. I also loved that some of the pups in daycare who are regulars ended up in some of my classes and I not only got to know them, but there owners as well!

All About Dogs Featured Employee Melinda

Where did you grow up?  I was born in Carona, California. When I was 4 I moved to Cleveland and grew up in Twinsburg.

What is your birthday?  December 20th.

What are your hobbies?  Outside of work I am big into fitness and I love running, especially with my dogs. I love hiking and kayaking. I have run many 5k’s, 10k’s, and 10 milers and half marathons. I am also big into aquariums, owning a large 55 gallon freshwater cichlid tank.

What is something unique about you?  When I was much younger I used to be a swimmer and I did figure skating on roller skates. I also play the flute and piccolo. I also volunteered in an animal shelter for about a year. From age 5 to 18 I was involved with girl scouts.

If you didn’t work here what would you be doing?  Still working full time at my 2nd job at Pet Smart as a dog trainer. Or I would be trying to start my own training business or dog walking/dog sitting business out of my home.

All About Dogs Featured Employee MelindaTell us why you are passionate about dogs and any involvement outside of All About Dogs that you have with dogs or animals.  I am passionate about dogs because I believe every dog deserves a 2nd chance. I have a goal to help keep as many dogs out of shelters as I can. Being around dogs teaches me a lot of about myself and how to be a much calmer person.

What is your favorite dog breed and why?  Honestly I do not have a favorite breed. Whether being 2lbs or 200lbs as long as I connect with him/her that Is all that matters. However mixed breed mutts I love! They are really unique in coat coloring and personalities.

Miranda R.

Daycare Attendant, Kennel Technician & Bather
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Miranda started here in August 2017, and is a daycare attendant. Her favorite part of the job is “I get to work with so many dogs that all have different personalities.” She has a Pitbull named Duke and 2 cats Bean and Olive. In her free time she plays basketball and loves to go hiking.

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