Featured Employee – Miranda

All About Dogs Featured Employee Miranda

Miranda & Due

Miranda started working here during the summer of 2017 in our doggy daycare. She quickly became a kennel technician and has recently added the title of dog bather.

What is your favorite part of your job?  My favorite part of my job is that every day is different! I get to work with so many different dogs and dog breeds and they are so unique, no two are ever the same!

What is your best memory or day on the job? My favorite memory from working at AAD has to be when I was able to help calm down a really anxious German shepherd that was staying in kennel. Earning his trust and knowing that my presence helped him relax was a great feeling.

All About Dogs Featured Employee Miranda

Where did you grow up?  I grew up in sunny southern California! I lived in Costa Masa until I moved to Ohio with my parents and little brother when I was 6.

What is your birthday?  April 27th

What are your hobbies?  A hobby that I have is that I love to paint.

What is something unique about you? Something unique and kind of embarrassing about me is that I used to be a huge tomboy! When I was little I used to come home with my pockets full of rocks and I could always be found outside playing in the mud! While I am still not afraid to get my hands dirty, I no longer come home with rocks in my pockets.

All About Dogs Featured Employee Miranda

Miranda & Leia

If you didn’t work here what would you be doing?  If I didn’t work at AAD, I would most likely be at a boring job that I would hate to go to or going to school to become a veterinarian assistant (which I plan on doing anyways in the near future!).

Tell us why you are passionate about dogs and any involvement outside of All About Dogs that you have with dogs or animals.  I have always been passionate about dogs but since coming to work at AAD that passion has grown so much more. I realized how much they can teach you and how they make you a better person over all. And while I wish I had more involvement with dog’s outside of AAD, I do have a pit-bull named Due and a 6 month old German Shepherd named Leia that takes up all of my time!

What is your favorite dog breed and why?  It is so hard to pick one breed when I have so many that are dear to my heart! If I had to pick one it would have to be German shepherds. They are so crazy and kooky that there is never a dull moment when you’re with one!

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Photo of Aly T.
Aly T.
Daycare Attendant, Kennel Technician, Bather & Dog Trainer

Aly started here in June 2017 and is daycare attendant, kennel technician, bather and dog trainer. Her favorite part of the job is “hanging with the dogs and hopefully making their day a little better while they are staying with us.” She doesn’t currently have any pets but is hoping to adopt a puppy very soon. In her free time she loves to do anything outside such as swimming, hikes, bonfires….everything!  She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, just relaxing or finding an adventure.

Photo of Nina T.
Nina T.
Professional Groomer

Nina joined our grooming department in April 2017. She loves all breeds and sizes. The most rewarding part of grooming for Nina is the transformation of the dog and knowing that he feels better.  Her favorite part of working here is “the beautiful, clean workplace and so many fantastic dogs. The staff is amazingly caring and will go out of their way for any furry friend.” Nina has an American Staffordshire Terrier named Bane and a cat named Widdles. In her spare time she loves spending time with her 3 kids and hanging out with any and all animals.

Photo of Renee T.
Renee T.
Operations Assistant

Renee is an operations assistant who has been here since September 2012. She is happy that every area of her job “has something to do with the care and nurturing of dogs.” She has an orange tabby cat named Mr. Pickles; a tortoiseshell cat named Scooter Pants; and a husky named Koda Bear. Her hobbies are arts and crafts, gardening, her Harley, animals and the welfare of our planet.