Featured Employee – Ryan

All About Dogs Featured Employee Ryan

Ryan and Hope

Ryan joined our team in November 2016 having had little dog experience.  He started as a technician in our kennel and quickly became a daycare tech. While Ryan only works part time, he has become a valuable member to our team!


What is your favorite part of your job? I love spending one-on-one time with the dogs in the kennel, especially with dogs that love to play fetch and tug-o-war. It’s great to get them outside and keep them active!

What is your best memory or day on the job?  The day Oliver P. learned he could untie my shoes is pretty notable! I spent the morning tripping over my shoelaces, and I’m sure Oliver thought it was hilarious. Now, when I notice Oliver on the daycare list, I make sure to keep my shoes double-knotted!

All About Dogs Featured Employee Ryan

Where did you grow up? I was raised in Mantua, Ohio. I went to school at Crestwood, and went to college at Case Western Reserve University.

What is your birthday?  June 24th

What are your hobbies?  I was a band geek in high school, and my love for music stuck with me ever since. I teach percussion lessons and play percussion gigs. In my spare time, I love playing video games too!

What is something unique about you? In high school I bought an accordion on Craigslist, and ever since, I’ve started learning how to play strange instruments including; sitar, organ, and cajon. My top-notch accordion skills won me second place in a contest in college. Lately I’ve been buying broken electronic instruments from the 1970’s and 1980’s and restoring them to working order.

All About Dogs Featured Employee RyanIf you didn’t work here what would you be doing?  I’ve started recording and mixing songs for my friends, and I’m really learning to enjoy the challenge! I’m considering taking classes in audio engineering, and perhaps I could make a career out of that. If all else fails, I’d make a great stay-at-home husband.

Tell us why you are passionate about dogs and any involvement outside of All About Dogs that you have with dogs or animals.    Dogs are such social and intelligent animals that they truly need human or canine interaction to strive. I used to volunteer at animal shelters to cater to their needs, and I give the All About Dogs Featured Employee Ryansame attention in our boarding facility.

What is your favorite dog breed and why?  The breed of a dog does not matter to me; I just love dogs that are relaxed, happy, and cuddly. If I have to choose, I am partial to Dachshunds, Pugs, Labradors, and Bull Dogs.

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Photo of Laura B.
Laura B.
Kennel Technician, Taxi Driver & Dog Trainer

Laura joined our team as a Kennel Technician in September 2015, expanding her duties to Taxi Driver in September 2016. In Spring of 2017 she joined our dog training team. Laura enjoys working and interacting with all of the different dogs. She has five dogs of her own, an Australian Shepherd, 2 Treeing Walker Coonhounds, a Bluetick Coonhound and a Mountain Cur. In her spare time she loves training and competing with her dogs in UKC, AKC & ASCA events consisting mostly of agility, conformation and lure coursing. She also enjoys writing, photography, teaching my dog tricks and being outdoors.

Photo of Marie B.
Marie B.
Daycare Manager

Marie is our daycare manager. Sh has worked at All About Dogs off and on since we opened in 2005.  Her favorite part of the job is “working alongside a great group of people and playing with all of the regular pups”. She lives with her Boston Terrier named Bijou and her roommate’s Pug named Henry. In her free time she enjoys music, art and exploring the great outdoors.

Photo of Skiy B.
Skiy B.
Operations Manager

Skiy is an operations manager who began working here when All About Dogs opened in 2005. Her favorite part of working here is the dogs and the relationships she has developed with clients. She has two mixed-breed dogs, Luna and Samantha, and a cat named Sahara. She enjoys watching movies, reading, crafting and spending time with her husband, daughter, and pets.



Photo of Terrance B.
Terrance B.
Maintenance Technician

T.J. is a daycare attendant and maintenance technician who began working here in December 2013. His favorite part of working here is playing with the dogs. He has his own dog, a pitbull named Weezy. His hobbies include music, marksmanship, hanging out with friends, riding quads and watching movies.

Photo of Tim B.
Tim B.
Operations Manager

Tim is an operations manager who began working here in 2006. He likes meeting new people and their dogs, and “helping those dogs in need and seeing them grow with us, becoming more confident and happy in their daily routines. ” His pets include Montana, a boxer and the inspiration for the AAD logo, and Gibbs, a border collie / lab mix. In his free time, Tim enjoys fishing, hanging out by a fire, and spending time with his dogs.